Natural Beauty

Set across verdant forests, and fronted by a magnificent cliff-lined coast opposite the old- city of Kotor, Montenegro - a French/Kuwaiti team purchased 200 hectares of steep terrain, and called us to design a private development, which would include spa resorts and luxury villas.


The challenge was blending in with the landscape and elevation, as well as building on a slanting incline. In this region of highly diverse environments, extreme slopes and rocky soils are but a few of the many site limitations on building here. We analysed site stability, slope, access, and considered all aspects involving the site, architecture and the developer’s personal considerations.  


Open to the elements of land, water, air and green forests, 4M produced a contemplative design that is a series of platforms, each with panoramic views of the open sky and the Adriatic Sea.


Our creation minimises the visual impact from the city towards the development, but maximises it from the resort towards the city.


Harmonising with the local landscape, 4Ms design erodes the distinction between inside and outside, surrounded by secluded woodland in a scenic spot, that will become a Montenegrin marvel. 

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