Zebrano in the City

The design for Zebrano in the City is a sleek combination of organic impulse and urban elegance. Like an explosion of organized chaos, the awe-inspiring interior is the very definition of an authentic dining experience in the heart of London. We have worked closely with Zebrano founders, Don Cameron and Cevat Reza, to create a unique setting that was both inviting and eclectic. Through the use of recycled materials, this multidimensional design creates an atmosphere that is a raw combination of both earthy sophistication and industrial chic. 



Like delving into a dream, as you journey through the restaurant every nuanced detail is slowly unveiled. A myriad of installations hang like futuristic monuments throughout the space while smaller pieces appear to be suspended mid fall. Every piece of furniture has been hand crafted to complement the otherworldly atmosphere; custom made chairs and tables rise like masterfully crafted sculptures from the foundation. The rich wooden floors create an illusion of order only to be dramatically cross-cut by beams of light, as if the room itself is bursting with abandoned energy. The fusion of these disparate elements, like the perfect combination of ingredients in an unforgettable meal, means that the unpolished poise of 4M’s innovative design creates the ultimate ambiance for Zebrano in the City.
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