" It was a great pleasure to work with 4M Group. Marimekko was treated well and with great professionalism. We are sure to with you again on our projects. "
Lotta Prinssi, Marimekko, Helsinki, Finland
"As an agent that’s lucky enough to see many high-end flats and houses across affluent postcodes in London, it is rare to encounter properties which offer such meticulous attention to detail and unique design. If you’re after a smart, sophisticated property, which sets you apart from other high-end places of residence, then you need look no further than the 4M Group. "
Nicholas Spencer, Anscombe & Ringland, London
" I thought the way Rama and his team were so dedicated and trustworthy was very important to me. The originality of design was beyond expectations and fitted my vision. I love 4M Group and look forward to working with you all again. "
Vikram Kumar, Southwark, London
" Rama is highly personable and responsive. He and the rest of the team are first rate. "
Fraser Slater, Kensington, London
"Coming from the US, and working on projects in the UK and Europe, there was quite an adjustment I had in response time and follow through with non-U.S. contractors (us Americans are a bit impatient).  4M has been a great contrast to that previous view.  Rama is a very thoughtful man (a rarity in the construction world) and his word has proven to be true. Bottom line, they are a great firm. "
Chad Eisner, Manhattan Loft Corporation, London
"4M Group’s staff is wonderful! Joinery team – amazing. The quality of work is very high and we enjoy working with you so much! "
Emanuele Ravano, Nottinghill Gate, London
"In particular, I have the highest possible praise for the reaction of 4M to a problem which arose following completion of the works: it was addressed speedily, with great care and the minimum of disruption. The quality of workmanship was generally very high. "
Sir Gordon Langley, London
"This was an incredibly difficult project due to the different views of all the partners at Chelsea Point. Partners at a building company can make the lives of the architects extremely difficult. 4M Group did an outstanding job of keeping us all happy which is probably the most difficult job of all; their patience in dealing with clients is legendary. "
Alan Fox, Chelsea Point, Bernica Park, Kosovo
"Excellent, excellent work. Thank you so much! "
Anonymous, Knightsbridge, London
"Overall, I was happy with my business interaction with 4M Group. I must commend their Design team for always being able to translate my initial rough ideas/needs into functional pieces that work better than what was initially intended. "
Aisha Tinubu, Holland Park, London
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