For us at 4M Group, our clients are the most important aspect.

Forging personal, caring and long-lasting friendships are the keystone of 4M’s philosophy and, as for any successful relationship, is built on the foundations of communication, honesty and understanding.

We understand the capricious nature of any creative construction, and we have always adopted an accessible, ready to answer questions approach, unwavering in our advice and support, throughout the entirety of this process - from the initial meeting with 4M’s CEO and Architectural Directors, through to the finishing final touches of the projects construction.

4M’s creative process is condensed into four interconnected phases:


Articulating the initial concept ideas, is one of the most difficult, yet most crucial stages of the process, and as this, we utilize all means available to ensure that we deliver a project within the realms of your vision, and that exceeds your expectations.

We provide a variety of design choices and schemes of many different mediums, including sketching, model making, 3D software programmes and other relevant mediums supplied as necessary.  We are able to provide a variety of schemes, from which can be moulded and refined to individual tastes - thus optimising the end result of your project within, and beyond the realm of your expectations.


Once we are in total agreement of the design, we proceed to the next phase, which involves conceptualising technical and detailed proposals that we will submit to planning application authorities.

To distract from the potentially tedious headache that can result from fulfilling property planning requirements, we fill the time by attending meetings with structural engineers and surveyors to ensure the ergonomics of the structure are examined in thorough technical detail, sifting and sorting out any possible technical issues that may have occurred. All the while we remain in constant communication with our clients, providing regular updates and reassurances to any and all questions.


Perhaps the most fun phase of the project – is the rummaging and scrutinising of a wide variety of materials, beginning the textile journey for the projects overall finished product.

We are quite accepting of the indecisive tendencies this phase often brings out in our clients, and are more than willing to offer technical advice, suggesting materials that complement different structures and services, through visual aids such as photomontages and we provide you with a digitalised, 3D model of your design, enabling you to see it’s dimensionally and physical form.


Finally it’s time to start building!

Regardless, our Architects make sure that they work closely alongside site managers throughout the duration of the build, to ensure that all work complies with UK building safety regulations, and with your specifications, to guarantee that, to the highest of qualities your envisioned product is realised.

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