Fairy Tale Ending


When 4M finally reintroduced the estate agents to what had previously been a drab little one bedroom apartment, the results were overwhelming.  The agent stated in career spanning 15 years, in their wildest imaginations, they never could have pictured such a dramatic and stunning transformation.



With ambitious ingenuity 4M Group, worked tirelessly to transform every inch of the apartment to ensure that no detail was too minute and every inch of space was pushed to meet its potential.  Maximizing every inch of potential, this former one bedroom loft is now an elegant two bedroom apartment in one of West London’s most sophisticated neighborhoods.



 Elegantly crafted micro cement flooring creates a continuous flow throughout the space, opening up the main living area with an air of sublime sophistication.   White walls are complimented by earthy, grey shelving that delicately winds from inside the main room onto the patio, adapting from a uniquely designed television unite into a stunning outdoor fireplace.




The main room radiates with natural light that streams in from floor to ceiling, as the patio door wall gives way to serene views of the bespoke rustic metal sculpture that centers the eye amidst the immaculately constructed garden space.




While the garden itself rises above the home, the patio space appears as if an extension of the living room, with the micro cement of the indoor area gently transforms into the microbenton terrace, the space continuously maintains the same rhythms and tones, creating a harmonious unity throughout.




What was once an unkempt and overgrown garden area now emits a Zen like stillness, an almost impossible to imagine escape in one of the world’s most bustling metropolises.   Neat, trim hedges line the outer wall and rich, green grass blankets the rest of the space; all appearing like visions of an emerald oasis in a desert of concrete.



Using a multidimensional design, the kitchen is full of subtlety innovative features that maximize functionality and space in the most aesthetically pleasing manner.  The center island is easily converted from a stylish cooking area to a sophisticated dining room table, all the while serving as storage space to the unsuspecting eye. Perfecting the intellectual energy and unanticipated originality, the wall of opaque glass transforms into library through the use of dynamic silhouettes.


 Creating a striking connection to each room, the hallway could be considered the crowning jewel.  An imaginative and inviting passage way, the main wall doubles as a beveled mirror.  The hand crafted glass magically captures both the glimmer of outdoor light and the candle like glow from the LED floor lights, shimmering like a delicate diamond with dazzling and romantic effect.


Each of the two bedrooms follows the same classic design, with indented walls strategically framing the beds and windows to accentuate their importance with creative a distinction.   Maximizing the potential of both natural and artificial light, the atmosphere of each room is submerged in peaceful tranquility.



Both full bathrooms are a masterpiece of micro cement sculpturing, with sharp simple lines that encapsulate a concise scheme of symmetrical clarity and remarkable craftsmanship. 



Like a fairy tale ending, this enchanting apartment has undergone an earth real transformation, entreating all who enter to live happily ever after in extravagant luxury.

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