H House

Empowering a sustainable movement for a small country ravaged by war, 4M Group has envisioned a

radical opposition to the urban landscape of Prishtina’s monotonous, beguiling assortment of dense

concrete blocks and copy-paste spaces.


The bold and powerful Humolli House is monumental

through the sheer force of its choreography of light; light that is so precisely used, one can feel its

climactic presence.


Perched up on a small hill overlooking a suburb of Prishtina, the strength and dynamism of this

structure results in a dramatic architectural creation that has become a living symbol of confidence in

an environment striving to find itself.

It has blazed a new trail for the young nation of Kosovo and provided the capacity to transform a

mentality by offering vicarious access to a world of greater possibilities for local architects, designers

and an overall population of 1.8 million.


Through elements like space, geometry and raw materials, volumes of light define the Humolli House,

pouring in through expansive windows. The living space resembles a pure and inhabitable sculpture

that inspires a society to think about how form and function can together break new ground and build

a microcosm of sustainable beauty.


With orientation and natural illumination meticulously planned, large south- and west-facing windows

provide atmospheric corners and astonishing focal points that draw the eyes into specific areas during

any time of day. The intersection of planes, walkways and stairs encourage social encounters and

visual exploration within a sprawling space of 850 sq.m. Areas dissolve into one another-- from the

private outdoors of its gardens through to the surreal landscape within the contemporary mansion, the

home’s interior becomes an extension of its exterior, connecting with nature to breathe in surrounding



Elevating Prishtina’s collective consciousness of architecture’s capabilities in creating ideals, the

Humolli House not only exhibits the possibilities of boundless creativity, but also reveals an important

ethical consideration of how space impacts both the emotions of a society and its spirit.

Çagllavicë, KosovoLocation
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