A Piece of Heaven

The artistic centre-pieces to this cleverly confident urban dwelling are its trilogy of commanding and optical-illusion floating staircases. 


Harnessing 4M’s specialty to see potential beyond the pitfalls, this old Victorian apartment that crowned two stories of a Regency period building – was transformed from a dull and colourless box, to a commodious and luminous space.


The task required a complete structural makeup over a certain timeframe and within a limited budget. The client’s requesting only to allow the upstairs to be transformable into three bedrooms, and to keep parts of the existing kitchen.


After completely stripping away its tight and uncomfortable interior, the apartment became a larger open plan, and, by utilising glass materials, and maintaining lighter reflecting pigments for the interior colour scheme, 4M deviantly created an apartment effulgently soaked in natural light - an inspiring premise considering the barriers to height and space.


The ground floor hosts a grand entertainment space, designed not only for relaxing, but also to showcase and savour the art that hangs on large wall areas and underneath bespoke lighting.


The kitchen on the left was expanded and the layout was readjusted, so that the cooks can have efficient room to work, whilst avoiding a mess. It endorses the classically effective minimal style design, and, while has been tweeked by 4M to sharpen its zeal via a durable Calacatta marble worktop surface - the original bench still remains at the owner’s request.


On the second floor, the two remaining bathrooms were joined together to create one large ensuite for the master bedroom. Tiles were broken, and an open plan shower was carved out of vanilla Botticino marble, routed to create a waterfall, for a wetroom inspired look.


Along with this, the master bedroom benefits from large bespoke wardrobes, and an outdoor balcony space, which holds a unique and impressive secret: a disguised entrance up to the roof.


Blended to resemble the wall that conceals it - hides a door which, once opened, bears a staircase that leads to the rooftop sanctuary. The extension above the top floor added a new dimension to the loft, offering a secluded retreat that offers sweeping views of the city streets of London.


A large 2.4 metre by 2.4 metre walk on glass area was installed on the roof level, and the new staircase was arranged below to create a unique visual connection to the floating hardwood and glass downstairs staircase.


At the end result, the interventions transformed this property into a well-designed and meticulously planned heavenly space where natural light rules all. 


Recently appraised for an additional £350,000 to what the owner had purchased it for, the owner said he takes great pleasure in knowing that - not only is he living in a place that he can truly call his home, but also a very wise investment, with the opportunity to expand.


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2,000 sq. ft. Size
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