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Founded in 2004, 4M Group (fôrm/gro͞op) is an award-winning London based design/build architectural practice, comprised of accomplished  architects, designers, builders and planners.

As a design/build company, we take a holistic approach to all of our projects. From conception to completion, we ensure that all aspects of our client’s needs are met by our team, working in unison to guarantee the synergetic success between space and material.

Having notable works present in many locations around the globe, we have garnered international recognition with award-winning designs. Included in this is: being a winner of the 2013 World Interior News (WIN) Awards for Hamam Jazz Bar; our participation in the 13th Architectural Biennale in Venice 2012; being the recipients of the award for Architectural innovation by the Kosovan Architectural Association; and having been named as one of the Top 50 eco-sustainable firms in the UK by Open Cities in 2009.

Through vision, and a fundamental dedication to provide the best innovation, 4M Group is a thriving organisation delivering contemporary and complex solutions across private and public sectors, both UK wide and internationally.


For us at 4M Group, the needs and wants of our clients are paramount, and our relentless pursuit of precision to achieve their satisfaction is unwavering. We challenge the existing standard, creating innovative designs that capitalises on recent technological availabilities, whilst remaining faithful to our ecological responsibility to both the environment and surrounding communities.

4M Group is acutely aware of the impact of space on human emotion and well-being. Therefore, by taking time to personally engage with and individually know our clients, 4M is able to create timeless spaces that move the human soul.


4M Group’s realm of expertise extends beyond residential projects to include: retail, hospitality and urban mixed use designs.

As a design/build practice we provide an all-in-one service package that minimises the chaos that can be associated with subcontractors, as communication takes place under one roof.

As well as this, through our unified approach, and versatile adaptability, we can guarantee each project will be a place that people like to come to, regardless of whether it is a hotel, restaurant, or office, it will emanate that comfort and welcoming consciousness that inhabits all of 4M’s projects.


For each and every one of us here at 4M Group, the service we provide transcends beyond material representation, to an engrained integrity and devotion to our work.

We are passionate about sustainable development, not just within 4M, but actively encourage and advocate its presence in other countries. This also includes utilising all local and recycled materials, in other words:  We take a city, to make a city.

In keeping with the importance of community spirit, we also strongly believe in utilising local workmanships and artisans for all of our projects, often combing local markets for the unknown and unnoticed; we revel in providing the platform for establishing artists to showcase their talents.  

At the cornerstone of our team and practice philosophy, is the effective understanding of the needs of the client. We take great pride in our work and undertake each project with sharp detail, considering the individual spatial and material demands for each individual. We believe that the destination is made more meaningful by the journey, therefore at 4M we take our partnerships with clients beyond the mere realms of the contract, to forge long lasting friendships. 

Staff Profiles

4M’s success is the fusion of architects, designers, builders and artisans together to make a whole, encapsulating a multicultural plethora of skill, with each team member providing their own intimate contribution towards a unified goal.

These are the people behind the names and faces:

4M Group in more detail...

What makes 4M Group unique against its competitors, is that we are a collaborative design/build team, all working in unison towards a common goal together. Composed with culture and educational diversity - like the support foundations of the homes we build- we too, rely on each other to hold ourselves up, our end results being the product of a complex confluence of concept and vision.

We believe that design is a life-enhancing service, and from start to finish, with mutual respect and understanding between ourselves and the client – we achieve this.

We pride ourselves on the care we take to get to know our clients, and this is evidenced through our  solid and respected  word of mouth reputation.

4M Architecture


As an award-winning design practice, we are able to transform any idea into a purposeful and aesthetically pleasing space that focuses on maximising the potential of each and every project.

For us, challenge equals opportunity – a chance to exploit our creative ingenuity, skills for which have been developed and nurtured through years of practical experience and education. 

We take a humane approach with all our clients, working with understanding and patience to satisfy the needs of each individual, often going beyond expectations.

We pride ourselves on our interrelationships with our clients – "once partners, always friends"; and we are eternally committed to providing ongoing support and attendance, for however long we are needed.

4M Systems


All of 4M’s in house designers are specialists in computational software programmes, which are the cutting edge design tools used to maximise the potential of conventionally created designs, by interweaving them with innovative modernity. In other words - 4M Systems is the technological ‘brain’ behind our projects.  

Generative architecture is dedicated to withstanding the ecological and social responsibility 4M has to the environment, and surrounding communities of our projects. By composing algorithms to create a virtual environment, we are able to envisage both the most ecological solution for success, that also most positively affects the surrounding communities, enlivening and invigorating communities through architecture, towards a more respected and prosperous future.

4M Interiors


The successful execution of 4M Interiors is a synthesis with the Architecture and Construction teams of 4M. While our Architects design, we reconfigure the colours, textures and materials, tailored to the individual desire of each client.

Our interior team reconfigures distinctive spaces to encapsulate personality, and maximises every potential possibility. We quite literally leave no stone unturned - every nook has functionality, every cranny hides an unexpected delight.

We are a symphony of skill, each harmonising our different roles in tune with one another to produce the best results; every individual is as important as the next.


4M Construction


4M’s Construction team are a mixture of skilled builders, masoners and decorators.

Each of our team members holds more than ten years of experience. Their expertise ranging from major structural reconfigurations and excavations, to working with listed buildings, and also includes certified expertise in electrical and plumbing qualifications.

They are a close-knit team, who communicate closely with each other and with our architects, to ensure that the end-result meets the requirements, and actualises the ambitions of the project.



4M Works


At the heart of all of 4M’s projects are its skilful and inventive carpenters and joiners, responsible for hand-crafting all of the bespoke items for our interior schemes.

Based at 4M’s own warehouse, they shape, saw and sand everything to individual order, before personally installing it at the project – even if it means travelling overseas to ensure this success.

It is because of the close and continuous collaboration throughout the entire design process, that enables the knowledge to really ‘see’ the client – this in turn enables our team to create interesting pieces of perception and beneficial practicality that fit perfectly into the homes that are being created.

4M only works with materials of the highest ethical qualities sourced from companies that share in our commitment and devotion to environmentally responsible manufacturing. Where ever we can, we utilise recycled local materials.

4M Group Head Office
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For all media queries please contact: kristale@4mgroup.co.uk

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