Fresh Outlook

While originally designed with verve and enthusiasm, this early 80’s house was in need of a dose of vitality and revival.  As a member of a lively and spirited neighbourhood, this house needed to both respect its community as well as its environment, encapsulating the spirit of a cheerful shelter - the platform to air its attractive rhythm.


For our client, this cheerful beach home is a family icon - an annual seaside retreat, deeply rooted in sentiment - the remnants of many cherished family summers echoing happily around its tiring interior.


4M’s design and construction teams approached the project with sensitivity, treating it like an old friend - leaving most of the original house intact by regenerating existing materials, causing minimum disturbance to the memories within.


In a harmonised blend of composition, 4M added a side-leaning gabled roof and overhanging eaves to guard above the newly hollowed open living space that greets the front entrance, incorporating and embracing the kitchen and dining area – the heart of every family sanctuary.  


Through the double-height vertical wooden shutters, this space extends to the front deck unto a tree topped terrace over a vivacious garden. This seamless solution is accommodating to the fusion of indoor and outdoor, creating a haven to enjoy togetherness, and to share in outdoor meals with family members in the balmy summer evenings. 


Reinforced concrete walls, and the swathes of open areas provided natural air- conditioning for the main living areas, and to extend this throughout the house a number of rooms were knocked together to form larger spaces, eventually leaving the reconfigured top-floor to include two brand new bedrooms, and a newly carved out bathroom double its original size.


4M’s structural and design changes are positively jubilant, and have reinvigorated this property for a new era, without wiping out its past. Young, creative and tactilely  joyful, thanks to this fresh acclaim, the owner said she can now enjoy a bright new chapter of her life - a calm and soothing atmosphere to host and celebrate the many more good times to come.

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