All in the Details

While the chic personality of an oversized pair of glasses swaggers around its open hallways - its uniformed parallelism, and divinely crafted simplicity, showcases 4M’s dedication to detail, bespoke handcraftsmanship and precision excellence.


Built from the inside out, the interior design is a visual and tactile delight, its artistic charm ubiquitous throughout each level, individually designed to inhabit a spacious, stylish and minimalist interior design –restoring the archaic Victoria house back to its former glory. 


Its success stands as a testament to the concise collaboration of artistic workmanship, flawless design, and the crucial interwoven relationship between our Architect and Builders, essential to the success of every project. 


Novel creativity meets you at every turn; from the eloquent staircases to the charmingly crafted taps - the very walls themselves emanating artistic subjectivity, likened to the frames for which they were designed to bear.


Leaving the façade and outer walls untouched, it’s once multi-occupied five interior storeys, were hollowed out by the 4M construction team, to merge into single dwelling house. 


On the ground floor spanned the open planned living room and entertainment area. Entirely furnished by 4M, it provides an effortless stylised contrast between the stark white walls against the textured wooden floorboards, that acts as not only the base palate for such a playful endeavour, but that also complements the traditional exterior of the building.


On floor below, the kitchen and dining areas extend from the lower ground to include a patio and garden area, utilizing the potential for natural light, and to create an indoor to outdoor flow. This area proudly features 4M’s very elegant hand crafted ceiling lamps and table interiors, working in balanced unison to enhance each other's features.


The master bedroom was fitted with bespoke 4M designed high-end features including a walk in wardrobe and master bathroom - each element maximising storage and space without encroaching on plane surfaced open living areas.


Similarly, the once cramped attic has had a pragmatic reshuffle, and has been transformed into a spacious home-styled gym, complete with steam and shower room, mosaic tiling evidence of visible linearity and symmetrical styled flow that fills every aspect of the home, even through interchanging floors. 


Building regulations stipulated that the neighbouring houses were unable to provide the structural support during this process, therefore the reconstruction had to rest entirely on the inside foundations - a problem solving initiative resulting from a close collaboration between the builders and the designers. This required our Architects to be on-site daily making reactive alterations where required, guaranteeing that neither the overall design language was comprised, nor the quality of the end product.


All in all, in it’s completion what stands is a stylish, and serene home, that maximises the best of the classic design, with a kiss of a contemporary twist. 

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