My Place

Starting completely from scratch, 4M worked with a range of recycled materials to compose an eclectic mesh of wood, brick and steel that combine to create an intimate atmosphere full of rugged warmth and stunning design.


As soon as you enter, you are hit by the stark contrast between the busy streets of SoHo and the poised yet lively vibe that permeates My Place.  Inspired by the idea behind the name, 4M worked closely with the young proprietor to realize his vision of a café that combines urban excitement with the all cordiality of a familiar dwelling.


The old brick interior engulfs the café with a gentle touch of the past while the contemporary metal paneling and seductively blue backlit walls give a creative contrast and cosmopolitan feel.


The sculpture like shape of the long wooden bar wraps and flows naturally throughout, like a river that twists and turns with necessary purpose, increasing the functionality of each wall as bar top space. With USB plugs been placed strategically below, providing an unobtrusive link to the virtual dimension


The chaotic cut out ceiling hangs above, adding to the unique character, while cleverly placed lighting brightens all the right corners with a becoming luminosity.


The long wooden perimeter bench seats are lit from below to appear as if floating opposite modern metal tables and chairs.  Every piece has been specifically designed to complement the sociable scheme and inviting experience that is My Place.  Behind the bar the sharp brick walls adorned by simple wooden shelving provide a clean and uncluttered storage space, giving an old world feel to this urban experiment.


It’s hard to imagine that where once was only a tiny little restaurant that barely fit 10 patrons, there now exists an exciting and fashionable glam rock design that has become a trend setting destination in the middle of one of London’s most electrifying neighborhoods.


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