Earlsfield Road

A new build single storey, steel framed dwelling for two doctors with a keen interest in Modern Architecture.  The site is accessed down a narrow lane which affected the construction, budget and selection of suppliers.  The house is designed around an inner smaller bath house, a timber box with concealed doors and a large single aperture with views orientated towards a large skylight.


The main living spaces are open plan, arranged around the inner bath house, with sliding glazed partitions to vary the relationships of sleeping, living and entertaining. The kitchen has its own dual aspect glazed corner of the building overlooking the garden and the retained cherry tree.


The house is largely naturally lit, structure has been kept to a minimum to create an open feel with full-height sliding glazing, which opens up the inner spaces to the gardens.


Small Architecture Ltd.Design & Build
2,260 sq.ft.Size
London, UKLocation
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