Beyond the Pale

Pouring old –world and sumptuous charm into this typically small Victorian terrace house – a once bland and uninspired two-floor home, rose to become a magnificent three-story sensual melange of decadent textures and finishing.


Remodelled with an emphasis on space and symmetry, the existing space was completely gutted, and the basement was excavated to accommodate additional living rooms, laundry and cinema.


The repurposed design ensured the house would amplify the greatest amount of light available, to include even the basement. In an ingeniously crafted solution, 4M ran two double glazed window pieces to penetrate down to the basement level, fusing the two floors and imbuing a continuous well of light throughout both levels - ridding of any potentially dingy grumbles.


The all-in-one open space living areas were hemmed by the glass balustrade stair casing, and stitched together with 4M’s own bespoke furniture pieces – thoughtful planning designed them in congruous compatibility to the homes personality.


The largest bathroom on the first floor features marble sinks and flooring – while LED lights accentuated a dramatic backdrop of marble mosaics behind the shower wall.


On the top level lies the master bedroom, restfully gleaning of cosy comfort – walnut wood and faux crocodile lining the bespoke walk-in-closet.


Concealed within the bedroom, leads a stairway to an intimate outdoor terrace - complete with an log burning fireplace, to warm chilly London evenings spent under the stars.


From a logistical perspective such a tight site made the process a challenging one. The spaces between homes were very narrow - so receiving approval and support by immediate neighbours was a real test on our people skills.


Owners of the surrounding homes were all treated as partners in the schemes development and as a result harmonious relationships were formed throughout the duration of construction.


With artistic vision, and divine dedication to planning, the transformation into a sleek contemporary and convivial abode of custom made splendour was realised – that makes for easy and luxurious living.

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1,900 sq.ft.Size
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