Another World

Like entering a dream, this trance like apartment is an otherworldly escape unpredictably found in metropolitan London. With 4M’s pioneering touch, a spell of energy and light has been cast to encapsulate this dramatic abode.


Designed to please the expert eye of a graphic designer and his banker wife, 4M worked closely with the client to transform what was once a dated 1960s two bedroom loft into a meditation on the possible. 


White walls create a Zen like vibration that radiates peacefully throughout the fluid design of each room, creating a harmonious simplicity while the gentle effects of LED lighting are used to accentuate a heavenly glow all through the home.


The Corian and micro cement kitchen combines both functionality and modernism to create a space that is neatly organized to maximize storage space that deceptively appears, as if from thin air, through the use of pull out pantries.   Above the central counter piece an innovative light sculpture hangs from above in a celebrated collection of chaotic frames of light.  Each element of this arresting design adds to the cutting edge character of a nonconforming kitchen.


The beautifully crafted bespoke Corian and micro cement bathroom is a stunning work of abstract symmetry.  With lighting that bursts from above and below, it makes a striking showcase of what is possible in a typically uninspired space.


Each of the bedrooms follows the same sleek scheme of tranquility that permeates the entire apartment, each full of hidden treasures. In master bedroom, the closet itself erupts with light creating a glamorous wardrobe out of simple wooden shelving. Complete with a drop down bed concealed from sight, making it possible to turn the apartment from three to two or from two to three bedrooms with ease


The micro cement fire place adds the crowning touch to this minimalistic masterpiece. A divinely constructed centerpiece that provides the apartment with a point of concentration, like the flame of a candle, drawing in warmth and peaceful surrender after a cultured day of  cosmopolitan confusion. 

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