Grand Living

By detangling the clutter and smoothing uncomfortable edges, this antique Victorian home was reinvented with a charming literary sense of sophistication, which, while modernly refined, did not remove its brogue classical interior.


However, this project had to be carried out with the utmost of care, ensuring that the material from the original fabric was untouched; the 19th century ceilings had to be preserved.


4M’s intention was to create a straightforward and elegant design, which would take advantage of the generous portions of space, scale and views already given.


Shades of pale hue coat the interior walls, to be contrasted only by rich browns, framing the rooms and featuring units. This uniformity, creates the impression of wholeness, and can be used as guiding lines for the eye, to both unifying the interweaving spaces, and accentuated that which decorate them.


The kitchen was redistributed from its former U-bend layout, to a more workable L-shaped design, and to emphasise light, 4M added height to the existing walls, from 10 to 13 feet. With fluent ease, wrapped a Botticino marble counter - its sleek veneer as attractive as it is functional.


The sheer size of the structure allowed 4M to manipulate within it - three bedrooms and four bathrooms, all guarded by grandly deep oak doors. 


While all cabinetry, to include fitted shelves and free standing wardrobes, were all created bespoke by 4M’s joinery team - the bedrooms are of no exception.


Individually styled to the needs of the client, the unique personal attention streamlined the design -as no belt nor scarf was to be left abandoned, in amongst the rows of multifunctional closet nooks and crannies.


Interconnecting to the master bedroom was its own en suite - filled with opulent limestone to give a little extra character to this place of both self-indulgence and daily routine.  The shower, in particular makes a dramatic style statement that personalizes the space and lends the feeling of earthy luxury.


As within it, the bloc of forest brown marble, though not assumed to be so at first glance, is a touchable texture. The marble is finished to feel like leather, to be uniquely warmer and softer through touch, in a way that cold and hard marble can’t create.


From the struggling shambles that it was – to the splendour that it now stands – is a remarkable transformation. While intense, it proves that given tender treatment and encouragement to shine, this seemingly dull space - can reminisce in resplendence.

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2,500 sq. ft. Size
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