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Formulating a masterplan to convert an abandoned airport into a multi-tiered metropolis greatly appealed to the creative tendencies of 4M group – therefore, when approached by the Jacob Babtie Group with the master plans for Dunsfold and Blackpool – 4M could hardly be constrained.



From practically a blank area of space they were to create an entire mini community, or 'context sensitive solution' that catered to all the dimensions of daily life -  kitted out with all the modern conveniences, to satisfy the needs of it’s would be inhabitants.



Unimpeded by oversize or crowding,  the area would cater to only a sensibly-practical population, just adequate for the square area size – giving 4M the arm room it needed, to let loose with a chic, practical and accessible place for its future inhabitants.



Taking into account all the London hassels that grate ‘concrete jungle dwellers’ in daily suburban living – 4M intertwined these solutions into their scheme - underlining a would-be utopian village – a community where everyone enjoyed living in, and would therefore take pride in.



This included comfortably wide streets, intimate cafes and restaurants, and a man made lake in the centre, for which to frame summer lunchtime picnics, providing a place to chill and be cool.



On the more practical side: it would also feature and industrial zone, a plaza for businesses, and meeting areas, thus creating job opportunities, and giving the local residents the chance to be self sufficient, and more environment friendly, keeping all the transport costs to a walk in the morning.



In the end, Dunsford and Blackpool would stand as a vision for which  all communities would aspire to be like.

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