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Youthfully curious, yet captivatingly cultured; there is conceptual simplicity in the design, yet as with all 4M projects, the craftsmanship is detailed and layered with textures that creates a home as inviting as it is rich and intelligent.


For our clients - leaving the multicultural metropolis of Hong Kong, to settle in serenely steady suburb of small town England – was definitely going to be a shock to the system.


With a crisp and modern interior plan, the emphasis is on family contentment and safety, as well as a place to exhibit contemporary art and remnants of past splendours, which were imported from their former loft in Hong Kong, to bring a piece of home – to home.


Before the dramatic remodelling took place, this airy three-level Tudor-styled was confined by low ceilings, and crowded with poor design. To extend on size, and to take advantage of the most natural light possible, included in the renovation was the complete demolition of the rear of the house, resulting in remarkable full length sweeping glass view of the outdoor  beyond, the perfect opportunity for parents to keep an eye on their children as they play in the garden.


An abundant array of colours welcomes guests, along with a double-height book case that coils from the entrance around to the staircase - taking advantage of every inch of space to accommodate an ever growing library of books.


The ground floor is dedicated to relaxation and entertainment, equipped with a living room, a glass balcony, and a plush gallery space with a cushioned floor seating area.


Centring the dining room is an oak and Botticino Quartz fireplace, bordered by dramatic black slate – from which hangs a magnificent chamfered mirror.  The kitchen, the area of which had previously just been a corner of the home, now works as the ultimate chefs delight, featuring a boldly electric pink work top and ambient lighting.


Upstairs, formed with sculptured logic, the master bedroom is visually rhythmic. Its adjoining bathroom has a neutral stone finish to make the area as tranquil as possible, and it now plays the part of a wet-room, that guarantees the ultimate pampering experience.


Special care was taken to fashion a secluded Hindu shrine for which to draw inspiration from  cultural and spiritual heritage, and, each of the houses four addition bedrooms were individually built, and all feature their own en suite bedrooms for optimal privacy.


Once finished, this newly renovated home radiates warmth, personality and tenderness, for the family that it now cradles. It proves that even when you have moved across the world, far from everything that you know - with the perfect home, you can belong anywhere. 

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