Dr. Ibrahim Rugova Memorial

Second Place Winner

For 4M, the proposal submitted to distinguish the life of President Ibrahim Rugova was an honour, and regardless of which would be chosen – it would become one of the most important memorials in Kosovo.


Through the carefully selected material palette of sound, light, land, and rooftops - this proposal stood to encapsulate and express as thoughtfully as possible what the late President Rugova was a noble leader.


The Memorial is made of steel structure and mirrored glass, and 4M proposed a crystal-like statue to mark the key point of this memorial location. From this, various glass angles would be positioned to appear to continually interact with the context around and beyond the tomb. The placement of these angles would also be reflected high-up into the sky, as if the spirit of President Rugova is being kept alive between the earth and the heavens.


The architecture of this project presents itself differently depending on the different angle of approach, illustrating the different sides to his personality – that bound together his strength.


From the east entrance, the building is visibly stronger - utilising stone and glass to represents his strength and purity. In contrast, the entrance from west to east expresses a totally different aspect - landscapes of green roofs intertwine with one another throughout the boulevard, a symbol of his love for his people. This aspect was pivotal in the proposal - the undulating rooftops guiding the eye towards the monument – ensuring its visibility from all aspects of Prishtina city.


At its core, would rest President Rugova’s tomb itself – shrouded in glass and stone. Directly above the resting place, through a glass skylight the architecture opens up, for which the geometry has been specially arranged -  so that the sunlight penetrates directly onto the tomb, at exactly noon on the day of President’s birth.


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