Ulpiana Market

The Municipality of Pristina has requested to design to concept stage Ulpiana Public Market, a site of approximately 24 ari in area. It has been noted that: “to improve the “Ulpiana Market” should return to its core values such as:

- Public markets should improve local agriculture;

- Public markets should support local independent businesses such as farmers and retailers.”



Our concept provides a market place that becomes an integrated part of the community it serves.

It is firstly a daily market improving in function the existing market that has been on this site for many years. The market hall is approached via a market square that can act as a social gathering space, parking level(s) by vertical circulation (stairs and lift) next to entrances. Respect for urban context, balance between parts and overall urban integrity. The site has an irregular shape and a change in level of around 4m from (east to west) between main entrances. The design solution has borrowed from the cranked form of the apartment blocks of this area an extension to the market on occasion (jewellery, craft, specialist foods, micro brewers, wine makers, etc.), or even as performance or gallery space.

The market square is approached by three separate pedestrian entrances to provide ease of access and to encourage the community to take ownership of the space. Alternatively, market level is accessed from to best fit the accommodation onto the site, and to respect the existing urban grain. The proposal is set into the site in such a way that the market has a good civic presence on the main street, but set into the round at the rear to allow the landscape to be extended onto part of the roof, giving precious garden space back to the local residents.


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