Adem Jashari Memorial

The Jashari Memorial is one of the most significant war reflection sites for Kosovo and its inhabitants.


Located in Prekaz - the village where the Jashari family homes are situated; this town is recognised as the catalyst for the up-rising of the Kosovar Albanians in Kosovo against the Serbian repression.


Post-war Kosovo has seen a rise in the number of monuments assigned to the fallen heroes of the war in varying degrees of success, and generally, the facilities are poorly suited to preserving and safeguarding the heritage of the site.


Therefore, for the Jashari Memorial, 4M chose a design strategy that would concentrate and work with the themes of honour and remembrance.


The proposed scheme creates a direct engagement for the visitor, connecting people to the effects of the war damage by visually linking external monuments to the remaining houses. 4M designed it so that whilst still taking the upmost care to preserve the sites, guests could explore the themes of battle and struggle through the architecture.


Each enclosed in corten steel and glazed facades are the main houses, making them both open to the public spaces, but also protected. Between the two main houses, 4M created a new interior foyer space that represents a feeling of tension, power, unease; a visual representation of war and destruction.


Hidden from the view of invading forces, and protected by the trees, is the woodland guard house – its camouflaged appearance still standing as its most important quality; to see but not been seen - its protective power.


Emulating this, is the polished stainless steel fins that wrap over a glass box, controlling the condition of the building, and creating its own reflections of the surrounding forest, rendering the structure both visible, and invisible at the same time


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