Zen-like Luxe

Pivotal to setting the tone and theme of the penthouse, and the first thing to greet the entrance - is the sculptural staircase wrapped in dark lacquered wood. Inspired by the ancient Chinese Coromandel Screens, oak patterned panels encompass the bespoke created and lit-up steps, to create an eye-catching feature centre piece to this luscious London penthouse.


Bought by a pair of globetrotting professionals – they had a vague vision of what they wanted to achieve for their newly acquired penthouse, but handed it over to 4M to settle the details.


4M found a way to intimately intertwine their Indian and Chinese heritage into a chic fusion of different oriental inspirations; a fulfilling blend of the contemporary and sophisticated, to create a place where they could proudly call home and entertain in style.


The makeover saw the once dreary penthouse transformed into a radically rich and exotic urban living space, which bathed in natural light.


4M spent 12 months overhauling the penthouse, leaving only a few original elements left staninding on parts of the kitchen and the ground level, the rest of the internal parts were to kept for reuse.


Bespoke flooring was carefully selected and installed throughout the upper floor. The stain was specifically formulated for the apartment and was used to carry a  colour match through all aspects of the interior design, effectively creating an interflowing connection.


The kitchen, the most social place in the home, was created so that it can be used for either cooking or as an ideal place for merely sitting and chatting with friends. The white granite counter top provides a refreshing contrast to the dark cabinetry, and the integrated home appliances and stainless steel sink make sensible use of space to avoid any visual clutter.


In the master-bedroom cut out ceiling windows and a glowing border lights, frames the room in a way that creates an atmosphere of intimacy and relaxation. A velvet cushioned wall acts as a partition, to hide the bed from the rest of the room, allowing ample space for entry to the custom made wardrobe behind, full of nifty gadget of organisational genius. Adjacent to the bedroom, the master en suite bathroom is dressed with Crema Marfil marble, which is accentuated with atmospheric lighting that would rival the stature of any five-star luxury spa-room.


Leading out from the bedroom, over three floating steps, is the outdoor terrace, from which you can marvel in the views of historic London, in a vivid contrast of creative environments.


In its completion, this penthouse home stands as a testament to the successful intertwining of ethnoscapes and cultures within the capital, and with each other, in this expertly executed easts-meets-west concept design.

4M Architecture and Construction Design & Build
2,000 sq. ft.Size
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