Cool Steeles

Flaunting a delightful fusion of textures, and forged with straight-edged class, Steeles Road is the tangible representation of the harmonious contrast between the natural and constructed worlds, showcasing the delights and versatility of rudimentary materials in all of their deserved glory.


Home to an up and coming children’s book author, the client wanted an open and smoothly interwoven environment - that perfected the effortlessness of design - all flash and frill ancillary to monochrome simplicity and textured precision.


Despite a seemingly humble design from its facade, beneath the surface, every minute detail is accurately executed in synergistic parallelism - an exhibition for 4M’s innate talent for minimalistic flair.


A natural palette was chosen for most of the home, utilising concrete as the primary material to instil the free flowing unity between interweaving areas of the house.


In a concise continuation of smooth and simple lines that leads on from the rest of the home, 4M constructed an extension for the house, crafted out a tantalising contrast of red bricked facade, against wooden clad flanking.


To begin the coalescence from outside, the extension was used to blend together the predominantly concrete interior design to its organic counterpart. Accentuated through the hard-wood framed and unobtrusive glass ceiling to floor doors, these actors of transition allowed the illusion of integrated continuity.


Within the newly built extension held the kitchen, at the heart of which - with its casual unfinished guise and rustic infusion, proudly stands the kitchen island that also served as bench top oven– an example of the maximisation of potential for each individual element.


As well as this rooftop windows were also installed, spotlighting the kitchen in a plenitude of photosynthetic delight, in particular – the charming hand crafted wooden table, bespoke out of environmentally conscious, medium density fibre board ( MDF) wood.


In it completion, the vision for Steeles Road had taken just four months to actualise, which is a testament to 4M’s dedication and hard work, the culmination for which, was a melodious contrast of appreciation for indoor and outdoor flow.

4M ArchitectureDesign & Build
2000 sq. ft.Size
London, UKLocation
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