Qendra 1

In January 2005 the Urban Regulating Plan for Qendra1 in Prishtina City Centre, was commissioned by the Municipality of Prishtina.


Before the initiative, a lack of rules and regulations, as well as poor organising by its main stakeholders had resulted in the building environment being of very low urban quality. When you combine this with the limited economic base, and low income of many residents, it had lead to social and economic isolation.


The area of Qendra 1, despite its challenging nature, would set the standard for, and be the opportunity to radically transform the entire city centre,  that would ensure all future development of the city centre to be environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable, whilst providing the foundations for further regeneration.


It proved that by combining a high quality of urbanism, with the best practice in sustainable design and construction, could and would, vastly improve the quality of life for its all of its inhabitants.


Therefore, the main objective of the Urban Regulating Plan is to provide design guidance and set a framework for future development within the central part of the city.


It would to be a touchstone to:


- Create a vibrant and sustainable community

- Unify development proposals to increase the physical coherence of the city centre

- Bring back to life important historical and cultural heritage, and traditional architectural typologies

- Improve the perception, image and visual quality, to be appropriate for a capital city in the 21st century.

- Create a city centre for all of its citizens

- Provide a high quality of life

- Create, reinforce, and consolidate a character and identity for the Capital City

- Achieve a high quality public realm


The developmental framework put forward in the Urban Regulating Plan was a critical step forward for creating an exciting, and widely shared vision for the future of Prishtina - a vision that will ensure that the city responds positively to the Government's growth agenda for the region.


It will reintroducing Prishtina as a unique location for tourism, as well as business on a European and international level.


The framework outlines the comprehensive strategy and key principles, and above all, provides a deliverable proposal. This will be great challenge of large scale proportions, but when achieved, it will make Qendra 1 and Prishtina a prosperous centre and catalyst for the larger regeneration of Kosova as a newly emergent state.


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