Master Class

From within, its grand stature relishes in the frameless arrangement of open space - the boldly white walls throughout accent its modernity, while still remaining faithful to its Victorian heritage.


For this project, great care had to be taken to ensure the exterior remained untouched, while 4M completely demolished the inside, to forge from an old and shabby house - a new and enlarged contemporary home.


The sleek, austere interior design, with achromatic wash, was clasped together by shocks of sable furnishings, and bore the polished finishing’s of the very best of 4M – that extended to the twist of the wrought iron balcony, safeguarding the heart of the house.


The effortlessly smooth plane created kitchen extends onto the balcony, that sits overlooking the back lawn, and above the newly renovated downstairs living area. Through the unobtrusive glass doors, this vast area boasts numerous possibilities. 

4M ArchitectureDesign & Build
3,230 sq. ft.Size
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