For the project Brickendonbury, the Malaysian Government approached 4M to produce a design for the new-to-be UK based National Sports Council - an international first for their athletic development.


The site was an 18 ha.piece of land within the London’s ‘metropolitan green belt’, and was owned by the Malaysian Rubber Board.


Subsequent planning applications and designs for the project, were a result of the collaboration with national sports representatives, and developmental discussions with the local planning authorities.


This site was selected by the client for its plenitude of mature trees, and strategic views within the estates formal landscape – ample stimuli for which the architecture could respond to.


The basis for the site layout was built both with consideration for the historical precedent of former buildings within that area, and also for the surrounding environment- minimising impact by arranging external activities around the facilities around a sunken courtyard.


Using materials such as brick, lead, and glass - and composing them into a number of congruent arrangements - the building forms a benign backdrop to its surroundings. 


The design aims to be contextual without relying on pastiche. It borrows from the surrounding buildings material qualities, layout configurations, and pattern related proportions, without directly duplicating them. It endeavours to be engaging without becoming alienating, thoughtful of its impact both when viewed from a distance, as well as when perceived up close. 


The accordance to a sustainable design for residents has been fundamental in this projects process. The approach has been tailored to not only create a building that organically responds to its surroundings, but which will also reduce the amount of energy consumed by it. One way this was achieved was through landscaping, manipulating it in such a way that it provides for a natural buffer and passive solution to energy efficiency.

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