Facade Diffusion Studies

The façade studies take as an underlying assumption that facades are interfaces between building interiors and their environment. As such, facades must negotiate internal and external conditions while establishing a desired identity. In order to have the facade serve as an interface between various conditions, we chose a series of parameters that would determine the cladding system.



This programme analyses the local solar climate condition and modifies the solar gain values of each panel, which has already had the overshadowing value added to it. This summed value is affected by the function of the specific floor the panel sits on. This data is also extrapolated into a self shading mechanism, whereby the surfaces will be extruded subsequently casting shadows onto lower or adjacent surfaces.


All solutions are encapsulated into excel spreadsheets for fast costing and quantity analysis. Once the final structure has been ascertained the excel evaluation sheets are linked back into the cladding generation programme with detailed cost quantity descriptions.


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