Spontaneous Schooling Exhibition

18 June - 4 July 2010

Opening 6 - 11pm 18 June
Roundtable on workshops at 6pm
3.01 Tea Building, 5 - 13 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6JJ
London Festival of Architecture Event

Sponsored by Nous 4m and Derwent London

With the participation of hundreds of tutors and thousands of students, this exhibition will showcase the outcomes of 86 architectural workshops around the world. The exhibition design is innovative in that images of the international workshops will be shown on faceted orbs that will hang as a field of information, interwoven with installations from workshops re-created in the space. On the opening of the exhibition, there will be a discussion about the future of workshops and their role in the discipline.

While workshops are rapidly becoming an important platform for experimentation and the production of ideas, they have never been critiqued outside of specific reviews, or as a broader methodology in architectural teaching. Nor have workshops ever been exhibited together and discussed as a key element of architectural education. Out of our own curiosity to expose and review workshops came ‘Spontaneous Schooling’. It is an exhibition and publication that aims to explore why workshops exist and provide some insight into their role in architectural education.

Spontaneous Schooling will show work that is different from that showcased at end of year shows or typical polished architectural exhibitions. The work is truly presented as an experiment or study. But it is precisely this unrefined quality that makes workshops popular. The Spontaneous Schooling exhibition will show some of the actual installations, drawings, and media created in the workshops featured. The parallel publication is to be used as a resource for tutors, and will explain in detail how the workshops were run.

This is the first exhibition for Nous 4M (www.nous4m.com), a collaboration between Nous Gallery (www.nousgallery.com) and 4M Group (www.4mgroup.co.uk), a London based architecture, construction, development and research company. Nous 4M was created as a resource for architects, designers, and creatives to provide fabrication and production facilities for professionals and tutors, and affordable professional office space. In September, its 540m2 fabrication space will open, featuring 5 axis and 3 axis CNC milling machines and space for setting up workshops, furniture viewings, installations, small film sets, and mock-ups for buildings. Nous 4M will also be hosting workshops from London and abroad at its facilities. As well, Nous 4M will be letting affordable office space to up and coming firms, and providing all the resources of a larger office.


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