4M Group Featured in Italy's Leading Design Website

This month 4M Group is featured in an article in Archiportale, Italy’s leading design website. The article describes “Urban Lab” a rough-luxe mixed-use work/live home and gallery in the “Casa & Interni” (House and Interior) section of the site. To read a full description of the project in English, click here:http://www.4mgroup.co.uk/?FaqeID=3&project=56


To read the Archiportale article, “L’Urban Lab di Londra by 4M Group Residenza o Galleria d’Arte? La bellezza del metallo ossidator” (The Urban Lab of London by 4M Group. Residence or art gallery? The beauty of oxidised metal) please visit: http://www.archiportale.com/news/2014/02/case-interni/l-urban-lab-di-londra-by-4m-group_37628_53.html


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