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The French phrase: coup d'état, translates to mean "stroke of state" or "blow against the state".


In the same light, Ku De Ta Perth dares to forge a new identity for Australian restaurant design and cuisine, by harnessing the history of West Australia and infusing it into the very food and fibre of this contemporary 1,800 sqm venue.

Ku De Ta Perth, is the sequel to its Bali counterpart and serves both the remarkable culture and landscape of West Australia to its 840 daily patronage.


With the ability to cater for so many guests at any one time, 4M Group uped-the-ante by creating a place where guests can arrive by boat, ferry, or water taxi.


Perched on the west side of the Swan River, the restaurant takes joy from its 270 degree vista of sunsets it offers its guests, which overlook Kings Park and the Narrows Bridge.

As culture is a digest of many chapters and stories, 4M group founder and lead designer, Perparim Rama ensured each room had its own voice, utilizing elements that don’t just furnish the space, but define it.


Floors and ceilings were pieced together with exhumed timber and reclaimed jarrah, while recycled Bunberry Jetty jarrah logs line the entrance, a poignant underlining of nature’s role here.

Bespoke pipe lighting fixtures pierce the charred oak ceiling, the panels from which double as a sound cushioning system, a 4M Group signature.


No creative detail has been spared, not even in the bathrooms where sinks have been fastened together with stacks of salvaged timber. Similarly, burnt logs from past bushfires have been re-sprouted and used for the external landscaping.

Named ‘memory sticks’, they epitomize the resilient charm of the Australian bush, particularly the native Xanthorrhea tree that defiantly responds to bushfire with abundant flowering. 

Ku De Ta is open from late evening to early morning, and guests can comfortably enjoy the space, which sprawls itself contentedly throughout three dining rooms, a bar, and several lounging and drinking areas.


A subtly eco-conscious perspective steers clients seamlessly between the moods of peaceful amber-coloured nostalgia, to the simmering dark allure of the backdrop, when needed.  

Three theatre-style kitchens offer casual and fine dining menus, ready to satiate the craving of any guest. 

Gold leaf detail is splashed across a private dining room’s table and walls.


Tucked beneath the meticulously created micro-cement walls and floors, are an original line of chairs and stools, dressed in heavy and durable premium leather by 4M Group’s Joiners. The organic outfits were designed to capture the grit of the outback’s farms and cattle ranches, a reminder of past landscapes that continue to influence the blended contemporary culture of today.


An all-occasion entrance begs for locals to engage and enjoy the Swan River like never before. At Ku De Ta people find history of Australia is every bolt and bite, a history forever to be remembered, cherished, and respected.



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