Let the Light In

A stunning blend of past and present, where once was merely a warehouse rooftop this proud penthouse now stands in homage to both London’s industrial past and its ever changing future.

The long, masterfully lit stairway entreats you to a clime that culminates to a magnificent escape from frenzied city living. With each room serenely drenched in white, the entire design of this two bedroom penthouse is subtly decorated with the duality of both the old and new world that surrounds it. 

Floating above the streets of lively Acton, every window has been strategically placed to make the most of the dreamy visions of row upon row of pre-war rooftops and timeworn chimneys.  A well thought out enterprise to maximize every inch of space and scenery; the penthouse allows glimpses of the past from all the luxurious comforts of modern living.

The unique arrangement of the triangular hallway that connects the master suite to the main living space converts what could have simply been an ordinary passageway with a spectacular sense of grandeur.  Making striking use of contemporary glazing, each window appears to cut through the roof and is transformed into source of natural light as well as a purposeful means of accentuating the cinematic views of the outside.

To keep with the theme of mixing old and new, for the master bedroom, 4M decided on the inspired use of the existing milling that surrounds the ceiling.  The milling has been cutout to allow for a dramatic double height angled roof scape. Leaving the existing steel to remain as a memory of what the space was once before and how remarkable its renovation has been.

With a simple yet elegant design, the kitchen, with its sleek white cupboards, provides an uncluttered and relaxed feel with plenty of storage space.  Complete with a dining area for intimate meals or lively entertainment, the warmth of the design transcends the routines of daily living into an imaginative adventure.

Perhaps the crowning glory is the rooftop terrace. With a beautiful view that looks on towards the mews, it’s a meditative escape that gives the impression of both solitude and connectedness. As one gazes from on high upon the magnificent city of London, it’s not impossible to imagine you’re king of the world.

By honoring the remnants of its past and infusing them with all the decadence of sophisticated living, this spectacular penthouse makes fantastic use of what was once no more than a simple industrial space and transforms it into an innovative escape.


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