Artistic Enlightenment

A sanctuary from the hustle and outer confusion of city living, the calming brilliance of this stunningly renovated combination gallery and living space is a refuge in the heart of Acton.


Strikingly crafted to meet the needs of an international art dealer, this apartment is much more than a just a home, it is an authentic experience from the moment you enter.


Immersed in natural light, the main living space is accentuated by the high celling’s that open up to glass skylights giving an almost cathedral-esque glow at any time of day.


The stark white interior of the central room is contrasted by a metal wall piece, delicately backlit by LED lights, all adding to the ambiance of creative mystery.


Transformed from its industrial roots as a mid-20th century joinery workshop, then converted into an architectural office, 4M worked closely with the client to ensure the continued fluidity of the space. Easily adapted into a gallery to display a multitude of conceptual art work, yet still retaining all the warmth and serenity of home.


At 1,200 sq. ft. this double height apartment is open to the imagination.  Complete with three full bathrooms, a balcony mezzanine and floating staircase, all adding up to a masterful design that leaves you bemused, as any great work of art should.


The microcement kitchen appears from the walls as a sculptural art form, with cutting lines and unexpected symmetry, the entire unite is purposefully original without any preconceived ideas of functionality. 


The wood paneled flooring throughout is matched with the strategically placed lighting that gently accentuates the angular hallways and distinctive design.


The second floor is complete with two double bedrooms and two full, ensuite bathrooms. Both are completed by one wall of glass that provides a feeling of connection throughout the entire space.  Their clean design leaves each room easily converted into showcases for abstract installations or a restful night’s sleep. 


 An inspiring space created with an innovative style, it provides the perfect environment for an inventive mind.  

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