Bigger and Better

Believe it or not, this multilayered showstopper was once a disagreeable and inconvenient 800 sq.ft. flat Through the complete refurbishment, and rear extension, 4M was able to double its size – to a purposeful, elegant, and stylish family home.


Originally three narrow and cramped storeys, the main challenge of this project was how best to redesign to facilitate the feeling of spaciousness, within an area that had very strict planning restrictions.


In quietly defiant rebellion, 4M worked closely with the client to maximise the potential of the ground level completely, while extending towards the garden as legally as possible.


The main feature of the house, and centre of attention, is the cantilevered kitchen. Conjoined by an L-shaped living room, a sneakily fitted wine cellar beneath, and flowing out onto the opening of the exterior garden - it was the perfect space for the client to engage in their favoured pastime of cooking and entertaining guests.


Throughout the rest of the house, in true 4M style, the elegant sophistication was not hindered by storage or cupboards – as all were neatly tucked, stowed or embedded in its walls and interior items - proof that the simplest appearance often belies the most complex thinking.

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