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After having been repressed for so many years, such a vivacious and lively space deserved a touch more special attention. It was not to be an office, a gallery, or a home, but a creative hub to nurture individual thinking and within the new generation of talented minds. 


A space that would encourage learning, enliven ideas, and allow them to breathe freely in creative liberation.


Several years after the regeneration of the main office, 4M also acquired the space a few floors above. If the 4M office basement was the earth: problem solving, practical, present - this space was its heaven.


Like its lower counterpart – it too had been caged and suffocated for many decades - having been partitioned into penned office spaces for the likes of cramped professional businessmen.


In 2011, 4M Group was able to bust it free from its prison, relinquishing it from its barriers, and restoring its former glory the way it was born to be.


Harnessing the 4M mentoring spirit, and to put into practice what its future would hold 4M - collaborated with Nous Gallery, to instigate a competition, for which they would collaborate with the winner to design the idea equitable of this space.


The requirements were: reinvent the restricting office rational with a creative multifunctional alternative, to maximise – not shun, the potential for interaction and strength. While there were many worthy competitors, the winner was abundantly clear, and collaboration of the newly formed trio pushed the boundaries further than even their expectations.


Within just three months, the space was reborn into a portal of creativity – capable of awakening even the most reluctant of muses.


The colour palate was designed to mimic that of the business suit, kept abruptly black and white - a playful rebellion and defiant stance against the corporate uniformity, that had overpowered for so long.


At the heart of the design, and interlocking mesh of bungee cords were clasped and suspended between its walls, to act as the axis to perpendicular partitions, morphing the old into the new.


What resulted was an inspiring vision and message for the future:  together through interaction, it is possible to forge support and strength with even the most elastic of materials. "We are strength in unison, and supporting each other we can achieve success."


A palate a possibilities that shouts a powerful and resounding metaphor to the success of our future – we can change the way we live, through the places in which we live.

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