City Gardens

In the heart of the main square of the city of Prishtina - Zahir Pajaziti, lies a building surrounded by giants. Its small scale makes it look as being intimidated by its surrounding context, but it simultaneously presents an ideal opportunity for an urban intervention.
4M Group were asked to propose a transformation of the current structure and context by client.
Such a transformation is inspired by the idea to transform the structure itself while improving the current urban context.

New landscaped garden in the square
Our proposal concerns the necessity of the site to have greenery. In this sense we propose to introduce a landscaped garden.

Urban lung
Such an intervention in the current landscape built of out concrete attempts to transform the current condition into an urban lung. An urban lung that will clean the surrounding air and allow for the city to breathe.

Meeting place
City Gardens with it’s strategic place in a urban square is conceptualized as supportive infrastructure for daily civic activities. The hanging gardens that bloom from the roof terrace and they go down the building through atrium incorporate the greenery experience into the public  quare and through its public oriented program is designed to play a distinctive role of an urban marker.

Naturally controlled microclimate
The facade will integrate moss plant within its structure. Such a construction will allow for the building to naturally control a microclimate. It will allow for a clean air within the vicinity.

New city landmark
The structure that we propose will turn into a new city landmark. It’s design implications regarding the architecture, especially aspects of sustainability, will present a new condition of inhabitation.


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