Drini waterfall

4M Group have been invited to prepare a study to assess the potential of the "Ujëvara e Drinit" resort in Radac village.



In order to have the least impact on the public area, it is required to find a solution for the parking of minimum 100 cars and 3 buses in the upper area of the parcel, using the existing access.



The area near the river is conceived as a composition of fragmented sculptural volumes. The volumes are created from tile elements and wooden beam / pillar, in combination with rustic metal and vertical and horizontal glass panels, to allow contact with the surrounding environment, and not just the river side. This composition will encourage sitting on the other side of the terrace as well. The composition also encourages use in wider areas for larger groups of guests. Capacity of 72 tables / 362 seats.



In the central area of the parcel, it is recommended to maintain a garden of local character, with natural water / greenery contents and sound terrace structures, cascades and sculptures that shape the residence area.

The focus remains on a clear visual communication through space.

As the joining and strengthening element of this place’s character, a water flaw will be used with waterfalls from the upper corner, along the children's playground, space with tables in the direction of its flaw from the riverbed. The children's play area has a wide reach, it also covers water surface and has visibility from the surroundings. Capacity of 69 tables / 284 seats.


The children's play area is spacious, enables visibility from a distance and consists of toys on the ground and in the shallow water. As a group, it enables visibility from a greater distance of the children play, and that is why it is encouraged to have a guardian for children so that the guests have more freedom in enjoying the environment. The various structures will encourage children to explore the terrain and natural phenomena so that they can have educational opportunities while playing. For educational purposes, it is encouraged to organize school visits to introduce and explain to children various natural aspects of the location as well as the creation and use of renewable energies.


Utilization of the terrain configuration and garage contents of that area, on which there can be construction, but always creating topography and an environment similar to that of the surroundings.

The lodges are arranged in small groups, offering compactness on one side and privacy on the other. The views from the lodge are oriented towards the natural environment, removing visual communication with the main hotel building. Capacity of 9-12 one/two room units.

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